Buddy Stories

For past few weeks We were making a story for our Grade 1 buddies and this is my front cover.

Shape City

Today 10 December we made a shape city we haven’t started today we did for a few weeks and you have to make shapes and put it on big piece […]

Today morning December 9 we went to a film festival. There were a lot of films that Grade 6 made and the teacher chose the best films and gave the […]

Today December 7 we did a letter for the grade six team for next year for the teachers to read and learn the stuff I like and don’t like and […]


I think what is  going to happen is that Ted is going to say to the camera man to point the camera on Ray,to get popular then he would prove that […]


Today 27 November we finished a book called fish and I did not like the book that much because it did not tell you the place  they lived and the […]

Banking Statements

Yesterday we did banking and we used three words debit means something that goes out of your account and credit is something that goes into your account and balance is […]


I think cousin Ted is going to help Ray to find a cricket player to take a picture but if he can’t find him maybe cousin Ted will help Ray […]


I think what is going to happened next Ray would climb the Olympics fence and get a picture of a cricket player to get popular than Skeeta.